Sister – Women’s Circle Exhibition Branding

Art Direction: Soonduk Krebs
Deliverables: Logo, Catalogue, iPad Kiosk, Website, Experience Design

Sister is an educational exhibition about the importance of intentional women’s circles. Women have been gathering together since ancient times. It is imperative to continue gathering together for the strength, support, and wisdom a feminine community has to offer. This branding is bold yet refined, like a woman’s energy can be. It is silly at times, and daring at others. It is playful with pattern, transparent and strong.

Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition Website

Logo Exploration

The first direction for the logo was centered around the women’s movement and feminist protests. The font is rigid, unapologetic, and fierce. The varying line weights and heights represent the inclusivity of the circle. Although women’s circles can have an intense energy like this, they are more-so a safe space to treat yourself with kindness and care. 

I went with a subtler direction. The first logo was a bit too sweet and playful for the concept of the brand. I turned the two letter i’s so they faced eachother to represent connection and sisterhood. The final font I chose is Playfair. It is bold, sophisticated, and I felt it represented the balance of seriousness and silliness that a women’s circle can bring up.

The final logo has three additional dots above the two i’s, representing a women’s circle. This 5 circle mark is seen throughout the entire brand. It is printed, die-cut, animated, blown up really big, and recreated with cushions in the exhibition space.