Russian Folktale Recipe Book

Art Direction: Scott Laserow
Deliverables: Illustrated Book, Augmented Reality Animations

This handmade book features three Russian folktales, Masha & the Bear, The Old Man & the Golden Fish, and The Giant Turnip. Hand embroidered recipe cards that relate to the tales are nested in pockets throughout the book. Each story has an augmented reality animation that is played through Artivive®, bringing life to the already playful and loose illustrations. There are Russian words sprinkled throughout the folktales, coupled with a glossary  translate the Russian words into English. A wooden cover alludes to the folktales, because they are all about nature. I used a red stitch to bind the book and embroider the recipe cards because embroidery is a huge part of Russian culture. I added a deckled edge which I felt brought an earthiness and a traditional feel to the book.

AR Animated Spreads