Delco Skatepark Coalition

Creative Direction: Brendan Quinn
Copywriter: Ashley Stinnett
Project Manager: Mehvish Ali
Deliverables: Logo, Brand Identity, Website, and Social Content

Delco Skatepark Coalition is a group of skate enthusiasts and parents whose goal is to get 3–5 skateparks built in Delaware County. They wanted their branding to reflect their mission, and that’s where Truth & Consequences stepped in. Working together, my team and I created a brand identity that appeals to both young skaters and municipalities with its versatile balance of grit and approachability.

Logo Development

The logo development process started with three points that had to be communicated. They were community, inclusivity, and growth. We tried many different options that represented these ideas, and ended up choosing three ascending skate ramps. This mark successfully communicated everything we want it to in a clear and simple way. We paired this logo with a bold custom typeface to bring some edgy skate energy to the brand. We chose a bright, warm green for the brand to symbolize health, outdoor activity, and community.

Brand Identity

This brand identity works by channeling the DIY grit of Delco skate culture while remaining buttoned up for municipalities. Textured holding shapes represent skateboards and ramps of all different kinds, leaving lots of room for versatility. Edgy texture and cheeky copy work well for a younger audience. When trying to reach a wider audience for fundraising, cleaner graphics highlight the need for skateparks in Delco. The brand colors represent charcoal and cement, with a vibrant green that ties in health and outdoor activity.


Our goal was to inform the user and get them involved through the coalition’s website. We started with a simple wireframe, highlighting the mission, process, and a CTA to sign the petition. The tone of voice, typography, and graphics carry the brand’s energy throughout the website.

Visit the live website here: