Get The Flight Out

Art Direction: Grace Duong
Photography: Austen Hart
Deliverables: Logo, Pamphlet, Icon Design, Desktop Illustration

Get The Flight Out is an email subscription service that sends cheap flights and mistake airfares to savvy travelers worldwide. This rebrand takes inspiration from retro travel posters and vintage travel ephemera. With a cheeky tone and humorous copy, it’s designed to connect with a younger audience looking to see the world.

When initially deciding on an aesthetic direction for Get The Flight Out, I was primarily inspired by vintage travel posters. With this rebrand I designed for a younger audience, who appreciate experience over material goods. Get The Flight Out is for those who wish to fill their lives with adventure. The promotional passport sized pamphlet features perforated folds, able to be torn away and taken as postcards. On the backside there are illustrated stamps along with contact information.

Animated Illustration

Logo Process

I played around with the plane taking off and landing during the logo exploration process. Solidifying the logo further, I decided it would make the most sense to show the plane landing. Traveling can seem daunting, especially to first timers. For this reason, the logo is a plane in the process of landing at your fantasy destination. GTFO has made the process so easy that all you have to do is book a ticket and you’re practically there. Get The Flight Out is a command, and the logo is the response.